Bring Your Creativity. Leave Your Checkbook Behind

Kadoo Backstage™ takes the risk out of development for the consumer cloud. Our open development platform has all the stuff needed behind the scenes so you focus on what you do best—create.

Our Open Environment

All the stuff you need behind the scenes to create apps and services

A platform that supports mobile and web cross-cloud compatibility

Mega file storage for you and your subscribers

We've Got Your Backend

If you’d like to avoid the expense and hassle of buying, building out, and managing your own backend, you can use our infrastructure. Kadoo Backstage offers a comprehensive and robust backend—including some serious, cost-effective capabilities. Many developers can slash their hosting costs by as much as 25%.

A Meta Cloud That Works

With more than 2 million users, and over 20 billion downloads, Kadoo Backstage’s cloud-specific, open source APIs give you the ability to create web and mobile apps and services. Our powerful APIs create cross-cloud compatibility by speaking to all services. Your subscribers stay in control as they reuse files and information across web services and apps—and soon on mobile platforms.

The Kadoo Backstage Ecosystem

We bring consumers and developers together in a way that’s never happened before in the cloud. You gain:

  • Powerful, open source APIs that establish cross-cloud compatibility
  • A ready-made backend that reduces the cost of development
  • Access to a user base of more than 2 million
  • The freedom to focus on running your business the way you want to

Your users gain:
  • The ability to upload files once and use in any cloud-based service or application
  • Ownership and control of their information—and their privacy in the cloud
  • A universal login to all apps and services in our ecosystem
  • 5 GB of free storage

The Davids vs. The Goliaths

Our ecosystem removes the restrictions placed on developers by today’s market leaders. And, we remove the artificial barriers that prevent people from easily accessing and using their stuff in the cloud. Our open environment creates a competitive advantage by fostering the free flow of information for developers and consumers alike. Collectively, we level the playing field to compete effectively with the the big guys that dominate the web… today.